Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I care

Even prior to 1948, Israel has controlled the narrative of the colonisation of Palestine by largely European (Ashkenazi) Jews, while Palestinians have struggled to present a coherent alternative narrative.

Israel has successfully promulgated the myth of a former great Jewish nation, conquered, enslaved and exiled returning to its homeland.

It has successfully promulgated the myth that Palestinians fled their homeland of thousands of years voluntarily.

It has successfully promulgated the myth of a civilised "chosen people" fighting against the uncivilised Arab barbarians who would exile the Jews yet again.

And it successfully promulgates the myth that Palestinian resistance justifies wholesale slaughter.

But a Palestinian narrative is emerging; it is one of tragedy and of abandonment by most nations of the world, and by the UN, especially.

And it is one that now must have only one goal: One State, now inevitable.

Why do I think one state is inevitable?

First, the demographics tell us that the Palestinians, much as Israel is desperately trying to encourage it, are not going to disappear. The total number of Palestinians in Israel, the occupied territories and refugee camps in various Arab states is at least 1.5 times the number of Israeli Jews, and at a birth rate over double that of Israeli Jews, the Palestinians will reach 2 times in the relatively near future.

Second, not only is the Palestinian cause just, but Palestinians have shown a dogged determination and they are still there, just over the wall, or just over the hill from the latest illegal Jewish colony, waiting.

Third, Israel itself has eliminated any possibility of a viable Palestinian state. It destroys Palestinian livelihoods; it takes the best land; and it demands total control over borders, telecommunications and utilities. In effect, Israel has created a series of giant open prisons. 

Fourth, there are now over 500,000 Jewish settlers, mostly East Europeans who receive Israeli state aid and private US donations, to grab the best land in the occupied West Bank, appropriate the resources, especially water, and build fortress-style large towns deep in Palestinian territory.

Any return to the international consensus of two states based on the 1967 armistice line seems impossible to fulfill.

I used to think that the settlements would be expendable in final status negotiations, but I no longer hold to that.  I now believe they are intended as permanent extensions to the state of Israel and will never be voluntarily relinquished.

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  1. Thankyou for speaking the truth, I have known this too. Kiwis for balanced reporting in the middle east, what a sick joke, The Zionist Israel mafia stopped most independant reporting of its recent slaughter in Gaza.If the Ashkenazi Zionists were to go back to the far east, the jews could also live in peace as they did for hundreds of years with non jews, Arabs etc and the rest of the world would have peace too.