Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let's dig deeper into the KBRM fan club's bias

The earliest fan letters posted on this feedback page are dated Jan 22 2009. Starting at the top of the list, we have:

Dear People , I was thrilled to spot your advert in the ODT Jan 22/09 As a regular watcher of HONEST REPORTING I am so very pleased to find some Kiwis dedicated to remedying the bias exhibited by much of the media. Keep up the good work.

Honest Reporting's lack of balance is clearly illustrated on its home page where it posts a video of Hamas fighters supposedly using children as human shields. Only problem is, the children in question appear to have wandered into the line of fire from Israeli soldiers, who we know kill Palestinian children without compunction, and the militants are risking their own lives to get the kids to safety, under fire.

B'Tselem reports that in 2008 Israelis killed 455 Palestinians, including 175 civilians of which 87 (50%) were children.

In contrast, 21 Israeli civilians (including 4 children) were killed in Palestinian attacks during the same period (2008).

The above statistics exclude casualties from the commencement of Operation Cast Lead 23 Dec 2008, which, of course, as a massacre, skews the imbalance even more in Israel's favour.

Looks like Honest Reporting needs an honesty watchdog itself.

Then we have:

Hi, We have been following the reports on the situation in Gaza and feel that the press is not telling whole story. We support Israel's action, as they are continually being fired on by Hamas and are only protecting their own position.

It was good to read your material — it's a shame that many NZers including some of my family can only criticise the Israelis although they admit that some response to the Hamas rockets was needed. From discussion with my neighbours, I note that there is widespread support for the Israeli action.

Do these people not understand that the West Bank and Gaza are, according to the UN, under military occupation? Resistance to occupation is legal under international law.

Furthermore, far from "protecting their own position", Israel has placed Gaza under siege, in international law, a casus belli, so Hamas has a quinella of reasons to attack the IDF. But Hamas is to be condemned for targeting civilians, and if Hamas is condemned, so is Israel 10 times over in 2008, let alone the so far horrific 2009.

Who would be punished more in a properly constituted war crimes hearing?

Finally, this little gem:

Hi to the balanced media folk,
Made my day/week/month etc. to come across your advert. in this morning's ( Jan. 22 ) ODT.
Then on to your computer site. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Because of your going public like this, many people who are being ( often unknowingly ) brainwashed, will, hopefully, see the truth.
I'm absolutely sick of this anti-Israel bias. I angrily switch off the BBC when their constant bias is parroted.
Thanks again

Well now, aside from the obvious contradiction in terms (who is knowingly brainwashed, pray tell?), accusing others of being brainwashed is an easy way out of justifying one's views with evidence and clear reasoning. And this writer must be watching an imaginary version of the BBC which is so in thrall to Israel it refuses to even assist raising funds for the humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

Personally, I see little evidence of "anti-Israel" bias, quite the reverse. Moreover, the free use, or misuse, of the term anti-semitism to abuse those who criticise Israel's actions is simply a disgraceful attempt to stifle free speech.

And it's a bit rich when the writer is praising a well-funded organisation that is able to flood our newspapers with expensive advertisements/propaganda and when one considers the power of the obscenely well-funded "Jewish Lobby" in the US, which contributes so much to that country's complicity in the ongoing mass murder of Palestinians.

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