Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More kbrm.org.nz feedback 25 Jan 2009

All my liberal educated friends assume the ‘pro-Palestinian’ stance and detest my references to historical facts which undermine their viewpoints. I am that annoying guest at the dinner party who must be tolerated but not listened to, as I single mindedly (and single handedly in Christchurch at least) defend Israel's right to exist.

This writer may indeed not, as is stated elsewhere in the letter, be Jewish, but he or she has certainly adopted beliefs common in Jewish discourse.

We see twice the brave stand against the world: All my liberal and educated friends which begs the question of whether this writer values more his or her illiberal and uneducated friends. And single handedly, which is another way of expressing the Jewish mentality of victimhood, discussed here.

And if KBRM would be so kind as to point the writer in my direction, I would love to discuss versions of historical facts with a view to developing a shared narrative.

Finally, we read of the writer single mindedly defending Israel's holy grail, its right to exist.

Only the most nationalistic Palestinians (and it is Palestinians who, as well as Israelis, are really the people that matter in this whole debacle) reject recognising Israel, and the PLO is not amongst them.

Israel's insecurity is actually a reflection of its policies and actions that grossly contravene accepted international norms, legal and moral.

The right to exist is a red herring. But certainly, the longer Israel persists in its current actions, it will face increasing pressure from the international community.

And although Hamas and other groups contravene international law as well, these asymmetrical contests can only be resolved, excluding another holocaust, by the dominant party making sincere peace overtures.

A return to the accepted 1967 borders, negotiating a limited but generous right of return for refugees and providing massive compensation would deligitimise Palestinian armed resistance overnight. In return, Israeli Jews must receive a guarantee of political and religious freedom as in, for example, a bi-national state model.

And Israel must abandon its apartheid era ideology of a Jewish majority.

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  1. Hi Luc
    Congrats on your site. tried to post comment on kbrm but couldnt. The sad reality is that israel has no desire for a just solution to the israeli problem and will never move on it until the world throws off its ww2 guilt and treats them like any other rogue state with appropriate sanctions,invasive inspections of their nuclear sites. Unfortunately I do not see this happening any time soon.
    PETE W