Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A challenge to KBRM

The Arab Association for Human Rights publishes annual reports entitled Annual Review of Human Rights Violations of the Arab Palestinian Minority in Israel and reports can be viewed or downloaded for 2005 here and 2006 here.

These reports detail the true state of race relations in Israel as between Jews and Palestinians in Israel, by people who actually experience the effects of Israel's "facts on the ground" policies.

Because of the sheer volume of information contained in the reports I shall publish extracts and challenge KBRM to respond. Readers could do Palestinians a service by sending extracts direct to KBRM and requesting a response. My advice is not to hold your breath, although if you do receive a reply I would appreciate a copy. Just post a comment or email me.

The question is, is KBRM genuinely ignorant of these violations or are they simply an apologist for whatever Israel does?

Here is the first extract (2005 rep0rt)

In February the army began marking cars owned by settlers in the West Bank with “resident” stickers so that they could be distinguished from cars owned by Arab citizens.

The army and the Shabak security service25 said this was needed because there had been an increasing number of Arab citizens involved in terror acts.

The stickers would make it easier for the security services to identify and search Arab cars. According to Haaretz, the “resident” stickers would allow settlers’ cars to pass through checkpoints more quickly.

The army decided to mark settler cars rather than Arab cars so as to avoid legal challenges from human rights groups for singling out Arabs.

In view of KBRMs public denials of racial discrimination in Israel, I would love to hear how they justify such labelling (in this case, a label has the same effect as no label) other than the mentality Israel suffers from that all Palestinians are potential terrorists.

And how does KBRM differentiate Israeli labelling from Nazi labelling?

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