Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's a complex issue...yeah, right

How often have we heard this statement regarding the problem of Israel: it's a complex issue. Here is an example from KBRM (well schooled in the way of Israeli propaganda):

The Bedouin situation in Israel is complex; it would take an entire article to describe it adequately. It is true that Israel would prefer to see the Bedouins settled in permanent villages, rather than in temporary encampments on state land, but this is not apartheid; the Bedouins themselves choose to live apart

Well, the "Bedouin situation" is anything but complex. Bedouin are probably the true indigenous people of Palestine. In a New Zealand Herald article The Unwanted Tribe of Israel a Bedouin is quoted as tracing their presence on the land of his village back 7000 years.

The village in question is the one KBRM refer to above as a temporary encampment. A 7000 year old camp. Temporary. Actually, it's now non-existent because it was destroyed by Israeli police.

This article The Depiction of Bedouin as 'nomads' - a myth shatters the second major claim in KBRM's statement, that apartheid is not being forced upon Bedouin. Take the time to study the evidence and decide for yourself.

The permanent villages KBRM mentions do exist, and the offer to live in them in return for giving up land claims was taken up by about half of Bedouin.

Of course, the fact this deal was even offered to Bedouin proves their claim, which Israel now denies to the half who preferred to stay in their "temporary" 7000 year old "encampments".

And to give you an idea of how great life is in these villages, they rest at the bottom of every socio-economic indicator in Israel.

Israel is the first occupying power in 7000 years to deny Bedouin their right to their ancestral lands.

Why? Israel wants Bedouin land to build new towns for mainly Eastern European immigrants whose only links to the land are the myths of the Old Testament, including the overtly racist notion of the "Chosen People".

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