Friday, April 10, 2009

The Missing Truth re-examined

Let's take a look at another example of the truth KBRM conveniently misses:

The Jewish state accepted the land given to it by the United Nations.

Ignoring the rather obvious fact that the land was not the United Nations' to give, this is a misrepresentation of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 which recommended partition. The word recommended is important here: General Assembly resolutions are recommendations only and are not legally binding.

It is true, at face value, that the Jewish Authority accepted the terms (why wouldn't they?), but it is now well known that David Ben Gurion and his fellow thugs were already planning to expand their portion to include all of historic Palestine.

The fact that they have failed (to date) is not for want of trying, but even Israel's rulers realise that the world has had enough of ethnic cleansing by Israel's Jews.

The Arabs simply said "No", which they were quite entitled to do.

Furthermore, the resolution did not give a licence for ethnic cleansing. Rather, it was remarkedly detailed as to the manner in which Jews and Arabs were to co-exist within their respectives states.

And the Jews never mention the 1939 White Paper which was soundly rejected by the Jews, and, in fact, was a prime motivation for their terrorist campangn against the British because while it guaranteed Jewish rights, it also guaranteed an Arab majority.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem also rejected the plan. This was, and perhaps still is, a cause of regret amongst Palestinians, as acceptance may have seen British support for Zionism evaporate.

But that's history. The present situation is an abombination of the intentions of the United Nations, and that body constantly makes clear its negative view of Zionist actions, but has yet to act purposefully and rectify the situation.

But I don't think many, if any, Palestinians regret rejecting 181, as alleged by Dr Brooks.

Which indigenous population would voluntarily agree to giving up their ancestral lands?

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