Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tell the truth, KBRM

Below is a typical example of Israeli lies presented by KBRM on its Feedback page in response to a "disputant":

The writer's charge that Israel is occupying Palestinian land is false. Israel withdrew from Gaza four years ago. Its recent attack was not an attempt to reoccupy, but an attempt to stop the rockets that have been unrelentlessly
(sic) fired at it ever since.

With regard to the occupation issue, read the following extract from a report - that is not for the faint hearted - just released by the group Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (on which I will post more soon, including links).

Occupation starts when a foreign military entity has factual control over a territory or a population. And despite the 2005 Disengagement Plan, Israel still controls Gaza borders, airspace, territorial waters, population registry, tax system, power supply, and movements of inhabitants...Despite the fact that there is no officially recognized Palestinian State, most experts, UN Resolutions, and the International Court of Justice in its Advisory opinion regarding the separation wall in 2004, all consider the Palestinian territories occupied.

But, as usual, Israel will play the victim and accuse all these eminent experts and bodies of bias, antisemitism, ignorance...etc, etc. And oh, it's a complex issue, of course.

By the way, the ICJ Advisory Opinion was that the wall is illegal.

As regards the "relentless rocket fire" a ceasefire was in place, Hamas was enforcing a crackdown on rocket fire, the facts are well known, and Israel broke the ceasefire as a device to provoke Hamas into resuming its attacks, as an excuse for the Gaza massacre. Not a war, note, a massacre. And the defence of self-defence is void for an occupying power.

As to why Hamas responded the way it did, I don't know. I would have thought restraint was a better option, even if it knew, as it probably did, that the attack was coming anyway. But I am not resident in a territory under occupation.

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