Tuesday, April 14, 2009

That C-word and the A-word as Kirsty Walker strikes again

Click on the title to read another Kirsty Walker gem of misinformation and red herrings. Topped off with the usual rubbish of "Complex" history and the slur of Anti-semitism thrown at those who dare criticise her beloved, romanticised Israel.

First, an extract from the KBRM commentary: one caller spoke extensively about the Palestinian refugees who left Israel in 1948 (emphasis added).

Now this is an outstanding example of whitewashing Israel's crimes through the use of language. The correct terminology is fled in relation to a relatively small number who escaped the future war zone in 1947-48 in advance of hostilities, and expelled or ethnically cleansed for the vast majority of refugees.

The farmers of an agrarian society do not abandon their land without very good reason. The acts of Jewish terror and massacre now admitted to even by Zionist historians like Benny Morris, and former cabinet minister Shlomo ben Ami, were the catalyst for the Palestinian abandonment of land and property.

The United Nations passed Resolution 194 in November, 1948, insisting that the refugees be permitted to return. Israel has refused. But Israel proclaims loudly its "acceptance" of Resolution 181, yet rejects Resolution 194. A whiff of hypocrisy, perhaps? Or a force 10 hurricane?

Back to Kirsty Walker and we find her asking us to remember the 800,000 Mizrahi Jews (also known as Arab Jews) who emigrated to Israel from the Arab nations.

It's true the Arab Jews of Egypt and Libya were expelled, and Arab Jews left other Arab nations as a result of the overt hostility of Arab governments. In general, they were not permitted to take their property. And they were expelled or forced out by their fellow Arabs solely on the grounds of their religion, albeit because of what Europeans were doing in Palestine in the name of their faith. All this is as reprehensible as what European Jews inflicted, and still inflict, on Palestinians.

However, there were other influences at work here as well.

Primarily, the Zionists were disappointed that many more European Jews, when permitted by their governments to emigrate, were choosing destinations other than Palestine. The US was especially popular, and there are now more Jews in the US than in Israel.

The Zionist movement reportedly actively campaigned in the Arab nations to entice Jews to emigrate to Palestine, and there are persistent rumours that many acts against Jews, terrorist acts, were perpetrated by Mossad as part of a campaign to maximise the number of immigrants into Israel.

And Shlomo Sand suspects his family and the Jews of Iraq were required to leave their property as a result of a deal between Israel and Iraq, who were actually reluctant to see the Jews leave.

But whatever the truth, this issue has simply no bearing on justice for Palestinian Arabs, who, in addition to expulsion and dispossession, have been subjected to 60 years of oppression and murder.

The Arab Jews argument is with those Arab countries and possibly Israel itself. And those Arab Jews have not been subjected to 60 years of oppression and murder.

And let's not forget the second round of ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs in 1967.

Kirsty Walker also promotes the myth that Palestinians fled at the request of their leaders. This myth has been thoroughly discredited.

The first Palestinians to flee in advance of hostilities were the wealthy, as was their tradition. Then there was an exodus of families from the cities back to their home villages in preparation for war. This was also a traditional movement for this group in times of war. And as the level of conflict intensified women, children and the elderly were sent from the war zone to safety.

But the vast majority of Palestinians were expelled, first by terrorist tactics intended to result in flight, and later as a deliberate policy to ensure an overwhelming Jewish majority in the state that would become Israel.

And it is irrelevant to the right of return.

Then some more misinformation from Kirsty Walker:

Don't forget that many Jews had been living in Israel for many generations and that many Arabs had only been in Palestine since the turn of the 20th century, seeking employment in Jewish run industries.

Now I think Kirsty Walker surely meant Palestine, not Israel. Regardless, this is yet another attempt to diminish the Palestinians as the indigenous people of that area.

The fact is that until the late 19th century, Jews comprised about 2% of the population of Palestine. These were overwhelmingly Mizrahi Jews. The Jewish population exploded at a later date due entirely to European Jew immigration.

The proportion of Arab immigrants has been variously as 5-10% of the total Arab population of Palestine. And certainly, until the Zionists arrived there was relative peace and cooperation between Jews and Arabs.

But it's just yet more irrelevancy. Nothing can justify what Israel has visited upon the Palestinans, and still continues to this day.

Probably her most offensive statement is this:

For every Palestinian claim, you will find that there is an equally compelling Jewish one

I would love the opportunity to debate this with Kirsty Walker. Let's just compare the current living standards in Israel with that of Palestinians in the Occupied terrorities. Maybe not. There is no comparison, really.

And I repeat: Nothing can justify what Israel has visited upon Palestinans, brutal expulsion, dispossession and oppression which continues to this day.

Finally, I am pleased KBRM, and its principals, Dr Rodny Brooks and Simon Kuttner, recognise the growing anti-Israel coverage in the UN and the media. The fact is, if Israel continues on its present course, the criticism will only increase.

And I agree there is, sadly, growing anti-semitism as a result of Israel's actions, just as arose in the Arab states in 1948, but the best way Israel could counter this is to look inwards and change its policies.


  1. Keep up the good work.
    KBRM releases ooze race hate and bias.
    Their adverts must cost a mint. I wonder who is funding such hatred of Palestinians?


  2. Thank you for your support. As to the source of the funding: one of the principals lives in Israel, so it's not rocket science, is it?