Friday, April 3, 2009

Words fail me...almost...

Click on the title to read the newest posting on the website of the woefully misnamed Kiwis for Balanced Reporting in the Mideast

Let's examine the opening clause: The reason I don't give up is my deeply-held concern that the world is sleepwalking (rather than goose stepping) towards another holocaust.

It is only the context of this letter appearing on a pro-Zionist website which disabused me of my initial thought that the writer, Kirsty Walker, New Zealand, was referring to the Palestinians plight.

But no, Ms Walker somehow believes that the militarised entity masquerading as the country Israel, possessor of the fourth most dangerous nuclear weapons stockpile in the world, is in danger of being wiped out, rocket-firing, oppressed, brutalised, arms-embargoed, starving Palestinians?

I think she needs a reality check. The world is, in fact, highly engaged in the problem of Israel, if rather strangely so in thrall of the Jewish state that it largely turns a blind eye to the horrendous consequences of the Zionist experiment, so far.

Now for the second part of her opening compound sentence: I cannot look the other way and say nothing when innocent Jewish men, women and children are being put at grave risk by the anti-Semitic propaganda that is found in the international media.

Ms Walker obviously believes any criticism of Israel's policies is anti-semitic, even in the media arena where the Palestinian cause has always rated as less worthy than "a national homeland for the Jewish people" as Lord Balfour so fatefully announced.

I would like to see some evidence of this anti-semitism in international media alleged by Ms Walker, and I, for one, would join her in her protestations if that is the case. But it would make no difference to my absolute disgust with the State of Israel for the fate it has forced upon the Palestinians and it's absolute disregard for non-Jewish human life.

The main messages of the remainder of her opening paragraph seem to be that "somone" is orchestrating a Nazi-style propaganda and that the international media and the UN are biased against Israel.

Ignoring the worn conspiracy theory paranoia, let's examine her account of Nazi propaganda:

lots of subtle, seemingly unrelated anti-Jewish messages, that collectively amount to devastatingly effective anti-Semitic propaganda

I am afraid the news for Ms Walker is that reality intrudes on her wish to demonise the few in the media who criticise Israel for its indefensible actions. Nazi anti-semitism was anything but subtle, the messages anything but unrelated. For example, by 1933, when Hitler assumed power, the Nazi publication Der Sturmer, stridently anti-Jewish, was already well established spent 22 years inciting racial hatred of Jews. Nazi posters, a major propaganda tool, demonised Jews with savage caricatures.

In contrast, western Israel critics, including the international media and yours truly, very carefully and correctly avoid statements which even hint at anti-semitism. Of course, the accusations flow anyway such as here. I would indeeed be grateful if readers could point out how my remarks in reply to the Benny Morris article are in any way racist.

So, just as Ms Walker has an exaggerated sense of military threat to Israel, her reinvention of Nazi propoganda methods in her attempt to tar Israeli critics with the same brush fails miserably.

In accusing the United nations of bias, she and Israel align themselves with other extremist and vicious nations condemned by that body and who make the same protest. Israel is not censured by the UN because of its existence, which has been approved by the UN, but for its actions. Only the slavish support of the US saves Israel from isolated ignominy and sanctions.

And her confusion is clear in the following:

I do not write to defend the political entity that is the state of Israel

Ms Walker, your writing does exactly that. I'm afraid.

It's not much, but it's the least I can do

Ms Walker, the least you can do is get a firmer grasp on reality and stop supporting a despotic regime and the unjustified dispossession and oppression of the indigenous people of Palestine.

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