Saturday, October 31, 2009

What the BBC won't show: Israel Targets Children

Yesterday (15 July 2006) Israel gave the people of Ter Hafra village in South Lebanon two hours to leave their village or face destruction. Those who were able to flee went to the nearby UN base. The UN refused to shelter these children, not wanting to take responsibility after the Qana massacre in 1996 when Israel massacred the civilians taking shelter in the UN headquaters. Left on the open road without shelter these fleeing civilians made easy picking for the Israeli airforce with their US donated F-16 fighter planes. Most of the victims were children, their bodies burnt in the precision targeted missle attack. The photos are from Associated Press but it seems no western media is prepared to show them.
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Action Alert: Protest Israeli war against Lebanon and Gaza


  1. November 3, 2009

    The National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) a UN accredited NGO, and member of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinians has submitted the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) report entitled, "Human Rights in Palestine and Other Occupied Territories: Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict" produced by Justice Richard Goldstone to the International Criminal Court. Under UN rules, UN accredited NGO's have the ability to effectively side step the UN security Council and in particular any veto possibility from the United States - by submitting UN Criminal Reports directly to the ICC. As such it is now far more likely that the Israeli Military and Israeli Government will face war crimes and crimes against humanity charges in the Hague.


  2. Excerpt from "Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire: Bankers, Zionists and Militants" by James Petras (Author).
    - Paperback: 262 pages
    - Publisher: Clarity Press (July 16, 2007)
    - Language: English
    - ISBN-10: 093286354X
    - ISBN-13: 978-0932863546

    The Lobby Rallies to the Destruction of Lebanon

    As adjuncts of the Israeli Foreign Office, not a single one of the 51 organisations which make up the Conference of Presidents of the Major Jewish Organisations in the US voiced a single public criticism of Israel’s massive destruction of civilian homes, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, refugee convoys, churches and mosques in Lebanon, and it’s deliberate killing of civilians, UN peacekeepers [2] and rescue workers with precision bombing. On the contrary, the entire Jewish lobby echoed in precise detail the Israeli lie that Lebanese deaths were caused by the Lebanese resistance’s “use of human shields”, despite the overwhelming visual evidence carried by the major media of the devastation of the heavily populated southern suburbs of Beirut by Israeli air bombardment, which were completely out of range of any Hezbollah rockets and posed no threat Israel’s northern border.

    The magnitude of Israel’s military assault can be measured n great detail. From July 12 to August 14, 2006 the Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) launched 5,000 missiles, 5-ton bunker –buster bombs and cluster bombs as well as anti-personnel phosphorous bombs each a day into Lebanon for 27 days – totalling over 135,000 missiles, bombs and artillery shells. During the last seven days of the war Israel launched 6,000 bombs and shells per day – over 42,000, for a grand total of 177,000 over a heavily populated territory the size of the smallest state in the US. In contrast, the Lebanese national resistance launched 4,000 rockets during the entire 34-day period, an average of 118 per day. The ratio was 44 to 1 – without mentioning the size differentials, the long-term killing effects of the hundreds of thousands of unexploded cluster bombs (nearly 50 killed or maimed in the first 4 months since the end of the hostilities) and Israel’s scorched earth military incursion [3]?

    Under the rubric of the United Jewish Communities, the national state and local Jewish organisations launched a $300 million fundraising and propaganda campaign [4] in support of the 26 Jewish civilians and 119 soldiers killed [5] during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon – not for the 18 Israeli Arabs who were excluded from the Jews only bomb shelters [6]?

    The Jewish Lobbyists published the number of Israel’s civilian dead as 44 [7] without mentioning that 26 were Jews and the remaining 18 were members of Israel’s Arab Muslim and Christian minority [8] who constitute around twenty percent of the population, thereby enhancing the image of Israeli (Jewish) suffering. The disproportionate number of Israeli Arabs killed might well be viewed as a result not just of the Israeli government policy of providing shelters and siren warning systems to Jews while ignoring the security needs of its Arab citizens in their villages where state services are deliberately minimal, but also of its practice of housing armaments in these Arab communities [9]. The proportion of the civilian deaths to soldiers was 44 to 119 or nearly 37 percent of the total Israeli dead (but if we only consider Jewish Israelis and IDF members the proportion is 26 to 119 or nearly 22 percent of the Jewish dead were civilians). Contrary to the Lobby’s allegation of Hezbollah’s war crimes, the Lebanese resistance was clearly aiming most of its fire at the invading IDF. In contrast, in Lebanon, of the 1,181 known to have been killed, 1088 were civilians and only 93 were fighters. In other words 92 percent of the Lebanese dead were civilians – over twice the rate of Israeli civilians killed by the Lebanese resistance and more the four times the rate of the Jewish civilians killed by the Lebanese resistance. To put it more bluntly: over 41 Lebanese civilians were slaughtered for each Jewish Israeli civilian death.

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  3. And more and more and more of the reality is not documented. Bodies, death, smells of burnt fleshes. Everything is expected when your enemy is Israel.