Friday, January 29, 2010

KBRM persists in lies about Gaza massacre

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It would be an interesting exercise to follow the money trail behind KBRM, as it appears to have had a recent influx of money enabling it to publish yet more untruths. I would not be surprised if that money trail lead directly to Israel as it appears to have commenced a concerted campaign to discredit the Goldstone Report.

As it happens, I addressed much of this advertisement in my very first post on this site, nearly one year ago, in reply to a similar advertisement, and many other points are simply revisiting previous posts, but I will take the time to reply in full.

As usual with our hasbara (Israeli term for propagandists, I believe) friends of Israel, the lies begin immediately. I quote from the advertisement:

The Gaza war that ended on January 18, 2009, was Israel's response to a five-year long rocket barrage that had killed 19 citizens and wounded hundreds more.

This was my response to this allegation previously:

And the claim of enduring four years of rocket fire compelling a response misses the truth that in the six months leading up to the massacre, a ceasefire was in place, adhered to by Hamas but deliberately broken by Israel to provoke more rocket fire. I question the wisdom of Hamas' response to Israeli provocation but make no judgment as I am not subject to brutal occupation.

I see that in the intervening period from April last year the period of the rocket fire has been extended by one year.

But just to provide even more context, the ceasefire was predicated on the terms that Hamas would ensure rocket fire ceased and Israel would at least ease the crippling medieval-style siege imposed on Gaza after Hamas, then the legally elected governing party of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, preempted a planned, US and Israel supported, Fatah coup.

I will discuss later war crimes in the context of the Gaza attack, but this siege is itself a war crime in that it is collective punishment imposed on a people for events beyond their control. It is a war crime for an occupying power, as Israel is of Gaza and the West Bank, to impose collective punishment.

Not only did Israel not ease the siege, they tightened the noose. Regardless, Hamas still expected that the ceasefire would be extended. They had not planned on the cowardly surprise attack by Israel.

So the main point is that far from a sustained "barrage" from Gaza, the rockets were quiescient until Israel launched a murderous attack into Gaza, as they continue to do to this day, and Hamas allowed some rocket fire to recommence.

To be continued...

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