Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More on KBRM Gaza lies (cont)

The advertisement then complained about
uncorroborated allegations of war crimes against both Israel and Hamas
by the United Nations Fact Finding Mission of the Gaza Incident, headed by renowned international jurist, Justice Richard Goldstone.

In fact, the report if one bothered to read it, very carefully details its sources for alleged criminal acts on both sides. Israel, of course, refused to cooperate, to the extent of refusing access to the Goldstone committee not only to IDF participant but to Israel itself, even for just transit purposes.

The United Nations were also very careful in ensuring that the committee appointed, especially its world renowned head, Goldstone, is, from Israel's perspective beyond reproach - of course, that was before. Now he is no doubt a Self Hating and Israel Threatening (SHIT) Jew, and yes, if you are curious, Goldstone has made the list.

How do my friends at KBRM react to the Goldstone report? By referring to the IDF's own cursory investigation, which, and we will not be surprised at this, naturally finds Israel without fault. I read an interesting analogy on this line of (non?)reasoning employed by Israel: it is akin to murdering someone in our civilian lives, and selecting our own Judge and jury to cast judgment on our crime.

But, as always, I am interested in the words employed by KBRM found fully 83% of the documented Goldstone "most serious" alleged breaches of international law had simply
no basis in fact
and the remainder were merely
operational errors and mistakes

While one could be forgiven for raising an eyebrow at these ludicrously one-sided findings, here is something to ponder:

According to the IDF, 1400 mainly civilian Palestinians were deliberately targeted and killed, unless of course, all six
were responsible.

Let's move on, as KBRM does, to study the issue of credibility. No, this is not the credibility of the Goldstone report, but the credibility of Hamas, a legitimate resistance organisation to Israel's belligerent occupation of what is left of Palestinian land (in reality, now about 20% of the 22% internationally recognised as forming the basis of the future State of Palestine).

This is a common tactic of Israeli propaganda - to justify it's own actions in terms of the actions of its opponents. The quick answer is the old aphorism of "two wrongs don't make a right." Hamas' credibility is irrelevant. Both the United Nations and major NGO's such as Human Rights Watch, which gives its view here.

Even more invalid comparisons can be seen in this Jerusalem Post article that, naturally, finds Israel always acted morally.

Time for a break before I move onto the most offensive sections of KBRM's advertisement.

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  1. "Uncorroborated" = Israel hasn't yet owned up.

    On the credibility front, the current scandal of Israel's EU passport identity theft is a reminder of when it did the same to New Zealand.