Monday, June 7, 2010

The inhumanity of KBRM principals exposed

KBRM criticises the reports from Palestinian Authority (no friend of Hamas, in case the state of virtual civil war has escaped their notice) on the numbers of males killed on the basis of nothing other than a bald assumption.

And it ignores testimony given by Palestinians and IDF soldiers as to the nature of the attack - that anyone and everything was considered a legitimate target. There are many, many, documented instances of civilians being bombed for no reason, being ordered to leave a location and killed in the process, of being ordered into a different location then shelled and killed.

The high male death toll is quite simply explained in terms of husbands and fathers simply doing their duty, and placing themselves at risk trying, futilely, to find save haven for their loved ones.

How the IDF arrives at it's figures is simple: Israel treats every male Palestinian in Gaza as a Hamas fighter, even though the estimate of the actual number of trained Hamas fighters vary widely, it is probably less than 20,000 out of a total adult male population of Gaza of about 500,000.

Given the reluctance of Hamas to engage in mass confrontation during the Gaza attack, and the widespread destruction caused by the IDF, the PA figures do indeed appear very credible.

And to blithely argue, as KBRM does, that civilian deaths are acceptable when compared to major wars ignores the fact that Palestinians do not possess an army. Hamas' military wing is merely a lightly armed milita.

But the only way Israel and its apologists like KBRM can justify Israel's crimes against humanity is to cite the crimes of others - illustrative of complete a lack of moral standards.


  1. Luc,
    You need to study your Jewish history, beginning with Genesis, where you will learn about Abraham and God's promise and covenant of the land with him. The people of KBRM are a mixed bunch of Jew's, Christians, and neither, whose only desire is to see Israel get a fair deal in the media, instead of continual demonisation. Which is pure evil. They are not Zionists.
    Why Israel out of all the countries in the world?
    We need to wake up to the fact that Islam is the key problem and Arab propaganda, the Palestinians are pawns in a game, Israel first, then the rest of the world. World domination and Islamic Caliphate the ultimate goal. And they are well on the way, especially in Europe.

  2. Thank you for offering a different view point. Some of KBRM's full page ads in the New Zealand papers are anything but balanced and as you say, they simply cannot accept any criticism of Israel and see this as an anti-semetic attack. They conveniently forget that Arabs (palestinians) are also semetic! But hey its okay if they get killed.