Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crocodile tears from cynical KBRM

It's embarrassingly easy to hoist KBRM with their own petard. I have highlighted just one word in the item copied from the KBRM website, the letter proudly displayed as KBRM's letter of the Month.

Letter of the Month

July 9, 2010

What a contrast.
Remember when Israel stopped the protest flotilla? (31 May) Sadly 9 protestors were killed battling with soldiers. The next day (1 June) the UN condemned Israel, The Times - HERE
The UN Secretary-General said he was shocked by the killings and demanded answers urgently. The UN Security Council demanded an explanation. In “outrage” the Security Council members broke off from their “spring holiday” and held an emergency session calling for a ‘prompt, impartial, credible, transparent’ investigation.
In contrast to that on March 26th a South Korean boat was sunk and 46 were killed. The UN calmly undertook a careful detailed enquiry lasting a month. Finally last Thursday they “reached agreement on the text” of a statement. A ‘draft statement’ that “stops short of directly blaming North Korea”. In fact it doesn't identify who is responsible, or “have the clout of resolutions”, it just goes “on record” and nicely “emphasizes the need to maintain peace and stability in the larger region”. What a contrast.

That this is evidence of crocodile tears is apparent by another letter proudly displayed on KBRM's website:

Submitted to The Press on March 13 (short version of the letter of March 11 that was rejected)

I love Rosemary McLeod's column, but she missed the mark when she said Gazans ‘were entitled to their anger’ because of the lopsided body count (March 5). In fact, body count has nothing to do with who's right or wrong (compare with World War II). If you persist in throwing stones at a lion, you should expect to get bitten.(emphasis added)

Printed March 16

KBRM is a deeply cynical, albeit tiny, organisation (85 members, according to a spokesman in a Radio New Zealand interview).

Despite their protestations, it's difficult to believe that such a small number can finance the deluge of advertisement they subject us to.

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